August 25th & 26th



Do you want to build a photography business you can’t wait to be a part of each day? Maybe you’re just starting your business. Or perhaps you have been at this awhile, but now you want to refine and revitalize your business efforts. 

This workshop will walk you through a business design that not only fits your personality, but also works with your life balance goals. 

I will be sharing time tested, simple solutions that are proven to produce sustainable profits. I have spent years building practices into my workflow to simplify and improve my quality of life beyond what I thought possible. We will consider two perspectives — the head and the heart — and explore their advantages, potential challenges and how you can blend both perfectly for your unique business and style.  

My photography business has allowed me a career that has not only taken me all over the world, but has also been more fulfilling than I ever imagined it could be. I have been able to work in a way that has a deep impact on my clients. I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you.

This workshop will be filled with laughter, encouragement and community!


  • A take home booklet with step-by-step blueprints for building your business.

  • Live styled sessions with guided instructions for posing and portfolio building.

  • 2 days of hands-on instructions and practices that will make your business more fulfilling and profitable.
  • An inspiring place to connect with like minded peers.
  • 6 Mentor sessions to implement what you have learned. 


The full rate for the creative retreat is $975. 

The first 10 booked receive a $300 early bird scholarship, reducing the cost to $675. 

Early Bird: The Profitable Photographer
675.00 975.00
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The Profitable Photographer
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Payment Option:

3 payments of $390


All purchases are transferable up to one year but not refundable for any reason. Questions about our scholarship programs, payment plans or anything else? We're happy to help.

Amber Lanphier